Residential Landscaping & Maintenance

If you want help designing and installing a new landscape or need help maintaining your current layout, we can help. Our experienced technicians are familiar with plants, shrubs, trees, fountains, ponds, patios and all other types of landscaping features. We can help whether you have a clear idea of what you want your property to look like or are still looking for ideas. These are a few of the services that we provide.

Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance

• Clean Up
• Trimming
• Fall Pruning
• More..

Low Water Usage

Irrigation-friendly garden design is not that complicated and doesn’t always require rocks and cacti. We can design a low water usage landscape that can still look like it belongs in any popular home and garden magazine.

Concrete and Paving

We offer professional paving and concrete for walkways, patios, driveways and stoops that will last longer. If you want a unique look, we can customize designs and add a special tint or color for an attractive finish. Our professionals can also fix damaged pavement.


The improvement possibilities in landscaping are endless with masonry. You can create a retaining wall, an outdoor brick oven, a fire pit, a beautiful stone patio and much more. We can help you choose the right type of material for your project to achieve your longevity, cost and theme preferences. We can also repair many damaged or cracked masonry fixtures.


An arbor makes a great addition to the entrance of a garden or yard. You can also use one to create a focal point anywhere on your property. We can help you find the perfect arbor to match your theme. From a simple white-washed Grecian style to an elaborate natural wood design, there are plenty of options to consider. Our professionals know how to install arbors correctly to ensure stability, and they know how to maintain them to maximize longevity.


From glass to wood, there are many types of fencing materials to consider. Our professionals know how to install, repair and maintain many types of fences. They keep regulatory compliance issues in mind and can install the correct types of fences around pools, spas and open water sources.

Outdoor Living

We can help you design and build the tranquil outdoor living space of your dreams whether you want to enjoy it seasonally or all year. Our professionals know how to execute simple or complex designs while keeping quality, your preferences, building codes and safety in mind.

Water Features

Fountains, ponds and waterfalls can make any landscape more beautiful and tranquil. We install fixtures that meet your needs for water use, maintenance and durability. Our professionals can set up a preventative maintenance and cleaning schedule that will help address common issues before they become costly problems.


From pond lights to outdoor patio lamps, we can help you choose the right fixtures to achieve your desired ambiance for your landscape. Our solutions are designed to meet environmental and energy concerns.

Since water is a precious resource in California, we gladly provide drought-tolerant landscaping solutions. Our professionals can help you create a beautiful desert landscape with lower water demands. As we complete a project to fit your preferences, we also try to use as many low-maintenance fixtures and features as possible.

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