Commercial Landscaping & Maintenance

From drought-tolerant desert landscapes to lush lawns with trees, we can help you make your commercial property more attractive or economical. We can help with fertilization programs, sustainable conversion plans and much more. With any new project, we consider sustainability and your long-term budget needs. From full landscaping renovation projects to irrigation maintenance, we offer a comprehensive list of services for your commercial property.

Concrete and Paving

It is important to have smooth driveways, walkways, ramps and stairs. California’s earthquakes, tree roots and sunny days can damage concrete over time. Cracks and uneven areas can be hazardous to patrons and employees who enter the property. Our professionals can lay new concrete, fix broken or damaged areas promptly and identify problem areas to help you mitigate risks.

Outdoor Lounging Spaces

If you want to create an outdoor common space or a garden for workers or patrons, we can create everything from stone tables and walls to fire pits and fountains. Our professionals help you choose the right types of materials for your aesthetic preferences and for your long-term maintenance budget. We discuss upkeep issues with you beforehand to help you prevent unnecessary expenses in the future.

Water Features

A fountain or pond can add a sophisticated touch to your business. If you have a water feature, it is important to have it cleaned regularly since dirt and debris can clog the pump and filtration system. We can maintain fountains, ponds and waterfalls and can help you conduct a water use analysis to meet your water consumption goals.


Stone walkways, brick walls and other masonry features add appeal to your property. However, maintaining masonry is important to avoid any loose stones or bricks. Our professionals know how to maintain and fix existing masonry, and they can create sturdy new features.


Fencing can help keep your commercial property more secure. In addition to installing multiple types of fencing, we can fix or reinforce existing fences. It is important to keep the fence sturdy, secure and in good repair to avoid any safety risks.


Lighting is essential for every business and helps promote the safety of customers and employees. We can help you make your lighting scheme both attractive and functional. Our goal is to use efficient fixtures and strategic placement to limit your energy consumption and maximize aesthetic appeal.

We value our professional relationships with our commercial clients. Since the appearance of your property can be a reflection of your company’s values to your customers, we use as many low-maintenance features as possible to keep your property looking pristine. Our company can customize an efficient and affordable landscaping maintenance schedule for you that includes every plant and feature on your property. When we handle any new installation, repair or maintenance project on a commercial property, we always keep safety and any applicable regulations in mind.

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